How the Italian touch can change your looks

The almost 30 years I've spent in Italy have changed my perception of personal style. While in some cultures it seems to be the result of quite a lot of work to have a trendy and casual look, in Italy it seems to come naturally.

Designer clothes usually dress you well and reward the money spent on an easily obtainable stylish look, but they can be expensive. The looks and the style of a person are made of little details that together form a harmonic whole, and once you know how to create it, you don't need to spend fortunes. When you know how to combine accessories, what kind of clothes to wear, what colours to pick, how to match lengths and widths, hair cut and colour, as well as make-up, everything will be easy and fun.

You should feel self-confident in your style. An accurate visual presentation of you at your best gives you the sense of well-being that can be thought of as therapeutic and enlightening journey in your everyday life. And it doesn't need to be time consuming and expensive.

I believe that in Italy children are brought up with natural attention to how to match colours and what to wear. That's probably one of the reasons why Italians look so trendy even if they aren't wearing anything special: it's just how they have always been! 

Besides the style, I'm often asked what is the Italians' secret of staying so slender in the middle of all the good food, wine and desserts. There are some basic rules to follow that really are part of the Italian lifestyle: only eat at set meal times consuming carbohydrates (pasta or rice), fish or meat, vegetables and fruit. Plus, of course, good espresso coffee. Cappuccino is only for breakfast.

As you see, it is simple, no need to suffer for strict diets. Just keep set meal times, no snacks and no junk food. In Italy you'll notice that in supermarkets the candy and snack shelves are miserable offering only very little choice. A clear sign that those products don't sell a lot.

Unfortunately, we cannot deny that the size matters. I know how much stress it can create, but we just have to accept the reality. For example, fashion brands don't even produce bigger sizes than the ones corresponding to a medium, small or extra small sizes, or certainly, not bigger than a small L size. Big sizes wouldn't look good! Maintaining, or reaching, your ideal body weight will make your life more enjoyable and healthier.

To find out your IBW, you can use one of the many calculators on the internet.

So, to stay in shape the Italian way, only eat at meal times, no snacks, little or no sugar and alcoholic beverages, and only little carbohydrates; a lot of vegetables and some fruit every day.

In addition to the Italian way, get at least 30 minutes of continuous movement each day. The more you move the better.

These easy rules are the first steps to a healthy and stylish you. For a personalized consulting, meet us in Florence.