Rome was founded in 753 B.C., and the Roman Empire existed between 27 B.C. - 395 A.D. At its largest the Empire was during Emperor Trajan's reign reaching from present Portugal to Azerbaijan and from Scotland to Sudan. The Romans built cities, roads, bridges, aqueducts, military fortifications, public buildings and developed a Roman model of society.

The Roman Empire left a significant mark on the history of mankind and laid the foundations for Western culture. Many signs of all that are still left in Rome, the Capital City of the Empire, allowing you to really travel backward in time and immerse yourself in the original settings.

When the Empire was moved to Byzantium and Christian religion spread, the position of Rome was strengthened as a center of Christianity. During our tours in the history of Christianity, you'll have the privilege to visit even the places narrated in the Gospels.

In our journeys in over 2000 years of time, you'll get in touch with the original places and will be guided by specialized guides. To better understand and remember the events we move in chronological order and take advantage of the modern technologies to make your journey interesting, fun and educational. This is a vivid and concrete way to get involved. It is suitable to all despite the age or level of knowledge.    

All tours can be modified for private groups.